You get what you pay for San Antonio Boudoir Photographer


Every so often I hear clients’ stories about bad experiences they had in the past with a boudoir photo shoot/photographer. The comments range from no professional makeup, horrible photos, bad lighting, non-flattering poses, etc. Nowhere is the saying, “You get what you pay for.”, more true than in boudoir photography. Instead of having a wonderful, uplifting and empowering feeling that a real boudoir experience gives you, you could end up with your self esteem destroyed!

My suggestion to you ladies is to do your homework. Research the photographer and look at their whole portfolio, not just one or two images. (In the past some “photographers” have used stolen images from other experienced boudoir professionals and tried to claim them as their own.) To make sure he/she will be able to deliver the type of images and quality you are looking for, the last thing you need to look at is pricing. Boudoir Photography is considered a luxury item. Not only are you paying for a photography session, you are paying for a pampering experience. Just like at any high end spa, resort, or hair salon, you are pampered like a queen! At Vanity Boudoir Photography, for example, you receive professional makeup and hair, champagne, and chocolate truffles and that is just the beginning of your experience! You will have a professional photographer that has the experience of photographing all body types, where he/she will hide any problem areas you think you have, and enhance what you love most about yourself!

Sadly, these days everybody with a digital camera thinks they are photographers, and think they can shoot boudoir. I am appalled by some of the specials I’ve seen this year for Valentine’s Day. Sessions starting at $45 dollars that include hotel, makeup and digital files? All I can say is, “Wow! Is that a joke?” I can’t possibly imagine a woman really considering to risk being in lingerie in front of a photographer that claims he/she can do a boudoir session for that price. Just remember, you will definitely get what you pay for! It’s not worth the risk. Take your time researching photographers, their style and quality of work, and reviews from clientele, and remember, don’t let the price deter you from paying for a luxury item with a real professional.

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