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A Gift For That Special Someone
How boudoir photography can recharge your relationship


If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then trust that nothing will capture your true beauty quite like the experienced lens of a professional boudoir photographer. And it’s a beauty that does exist, whether you realize it or not. You will when you witness the heart-racing reaction of your husband or boyfriend upon seeing you in a way he never has before. Whether provocative and risqué, or elegant and classic, your boudoir photograph will capture you in a way that no one has ever seen before.


You think you don’t photograph well or that you need to lose a few pounds? Remember, this is not a driver’s license photo, nor a school picture. Vanity Boudoir Photography uses lighting, props and a talented eye to show just how sexy you really are. Perhaps more importantly, a professionally executed portrait can show your man just how sexy you really are, and just how lucky he is. Boudoir photographs make the ideal gift for occasions such as a wedding, birthday, or anniversary, or simply to inject a new sense of excitement into your relationship. Photographs can either be framed or presented more discretely in an elegant album.

During the pre-session interview, Vanity Boudoir will consult with you on what kind of experience you are hoping to get out of your photo shoot. We want you to have a voice in the creative process, because this is about how you want your portrait to look and what feeling you want it to convey. We can certainly take the lead in suggesting how you should be photographed, give tips and ideas as to what you should wear, so that the day of your photo shoot we will have created the ultimate glamorous setting for your portrait. Elegantly sexy remains a popular choice among women who desire to tease their mate’s fantasies. Others prefer naughtier, more suggestive poses, often opting for nude or partially nude photos. Whichever path you choose, know that a true professional will capture a style and sophistication that results in a beautiful, sexy portrait.


If you’ve grown tired of giving the “same old” Christmas gifts, gotten bored with choosing a bland birthday card, or hate the yearly struggle of finding something original to give for your anniversary, then turn to a truly unique idea and give the gift of…you. Capturing you like never before and beautifully presented as a canvas, an 8×10 print, or in a specialty keepsake album, a boudoir photograph is the perfect way to give him something he’ll never forget. And as a bonus, you’ll get so much more in return.


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