Mrs. A’s Boudoir Session { San Antonio Boudoir Photographer }


Mrs. A’s Boudoir Session { San Antonio Boudoir Photographer }

Look at this amazing woman! I was lucky to work with her and the fabulous Lindsey Lopez at a local hotel in San Antonio.

All of my clients are wonderful and A was no exception. She was so much fun to work with and she rocked her expressions! I suggest to my clients to watch movies with strong (sensual) female roles and practice in front of a mirror their expressions. I know you feel silly, but you will be surprise by the results. It really helps trust me. You may think the hardest part about doing a boudoir shoot is being half naked in front of the camera, but it’s actually not… it’s your expressions! Practice! 😉

Thank you A for allowing me to bring out your inner Vixen. You are beautiful in and out! Thank you for everything and I am so grateful you allowed me to share some of your session.

Mrs. A’s Boudoir session from Oscar McAnally on Vimeo.



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